The Vintners Committee needs to connect from the beginning with the Event Chair and the Venue Committee to ensure there are no snafus regarding wine shipping, wine service and other logistics where alcoholic beverages might have unique regulations. Every state is unique with regards to permits and licensing and every venue has its own pricing structure when it comes to serving alcohol.

Questions you need to ask when scouting venues in relation to wine:

1. Do you have a liquor license?

2. Do you have venue specific regulations around serving alcohol or holding auctions? Do I need a special event permit?

3. Does the venue charge corkage? Per person or per bottle?

4. Can I bring in donated wine?

5. Does the venue require an invoice for donated wine?

6. Can I bring in wine that belongs to a member of the organization or event committee?

7. Are wine pourer(s) required to be employees of the venue? If not, are pourers (our volunteers) required to have liquor liability insurance?

8. Can wineries ship direct or do wines have to come through a distributor?

9. Can wineries ship directly to the venue before the event? Who is the contact person?

10. What is the room capacity? (Can it handle 8-10 pouring stations with two tables each?)