Work with your Venue/Logistics Chair to create a fabulous environment for wine tasting.

For each Pouring Station, make sure that the following supplies are ordered in advance:

Tables: We have two set-ups we like. Our favorite is one 36" or 30” round table with cloth and one bistro high-boy with cloth. The other option is a 6' or 8' table. The reasons we like the second option less are that the table creates a barrier between the pourer and the guest. The other reason is that the smaller tables are easier to float in the middle of the room, which makes the room more intimate and interesting.


Two glasses for vintners (to taste wines before they pour) and four extra glasses at each table to cover glasses that are lost by guests.

Rent or buy glassware with a thin/flat lip and a large bowl to allow for vigorous swirling, minimum 10 oz. 

Avoid glassware with a thick, rolled lip that will lead to harsher mouthfeel and flavors. 

Examples of preferred glassware: Riedel 12.6 oz. Wine Glass
                                                        Prestige Custom Glassware 12.5 oz Wine Glass
                                                        GlassTech Custom Glassware 12.75-16.5 oz Wine Glasses
                                                        GoVino 12 oz Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Dump Bucket: not transparent (around 2 liter size should do fine)

Ice Tub (basically a bus tray): to hold four to six bottles of wine (some vintners bring two white wines)  

Ice: 40lb bag with 20lb back-up (adds up to 480lbs of ice + 80lbs for each non-wine beverage bucket)

Be sure you make a plan for how you’ll deliver all the ice to each of the stations. You’ll want a rolling ice caddy like they have at most hotels or another plan for transporting it such as a dolly or rolling ice chest or even a child’s wagon.

Water pitcher    

Cloth napkins (at least two)  

Umbrella (if your are outdoors in the sun) to keep all wine out of direct sun.


You can do as much or as little as possible. You don’t have to spend a lot but at least have something!

Worst Case Scenario: Tent card or 8 x 10 with brand name

Standard expectation: Sign holder with name and logo

How to be a rock star: Poster, backlit vinyl signage, mounted poster, or banner

When multiple brands at station? Include logo for each brand

Good signage makes a good impression and makes the wineries happy!