WW&S manages ALL winery relationships.

In order to match the wineries to your event and market...We Need You To:

Schedule a kick-off call with Jessica to discuss winery selection

Let us know if you have a special theme or focus i.e. women winemakers, tango, etc.

Talk to your other committees and find out if anyone has special winery connections

Find out if your region has celebrity winemakers who would add cachet to the event

WW&S does not purchase the wine. It is all donated! We rely on the generosity of our winery partners and by offering excellent events to them, we build long-lasting relationships. Because winery reps have busy schedules and numerous variables impact who may be available for your event, it takes time to cultivate the list of wineries for each event.

Once your wineries have been selected, it is a nice idea to send each of them a short and simple welcome/thank you note via e-mail. For a sample of such a note, click here.