COMMITTEES | Venue/Logistics



Arriving and Check-in:

When guests exit their cars, they see a line of registration tables facing them at the entrance. Theory: People disperse among tables and there are no backed-up lines and grumpy guests.

Entering Party:

Guests first see models standing on risers (#s 1-4). Theory: This creates the mood of entering a fashionable event.

Step & Repeat:

Place the Step & Repeat photo opportunity near the entrance of the party. Theory:  Don't place a registration because once a guest is in the party, she won't return to registration. 

Silent Auction and Key-to-the-Closet:

Place these in center of the room. Theory: People must see and pass them continually if they're in the center. You want many people participating in these because your charity earns 100% profit from these, whereas you only make 20% from vendor sales.

Wine and Food:

Mix and intersperse wineries and food vendors throughout the venue space. We placed two food stations in the schematic so people can find food when it is passed. These are on the outside because they draw people and help move them around the space. Theory: People have constant access to food and beverages.  The spacing prevents overcrowding in single locations, and maintains a good crowd flow.


Create a separate space for the Fashion Show with theater seating at the end and VIP seating on sides. Theater seating at end, VIP seating on sides, beverage stations (including wine and non-alcoholic drinks) behind VIP. Theory: Prevents stage, runways, and seating from being in the middle of everything else.

Service Bar for Seated Program:

Have at least one serrvice bar for the seated program. Theory: Quick access to wine service during the show.

Beverage Stations:

For alternative beverages (water, etc.), disperse at least two of these around the room. Theory: These provide alternative beverages for guests: water, soda, coffee, tea, etc.


Dispersed around one room. Theory: Keep everyone in one space so no one's in "Siberia". 



Try to keep everything in one space.

On event day, consider recruiting a team of strong volunteers (like firemen-in-training from the local fire academy) for the day who can assist with set-up and breakdown.

Obtain a floor plan of the venue so the WW&S team can help advise on placement for different components.

Having more table and linen rentals than needed is better than not having enough.