Always rent extra tables and linens for Marketplace.

Do a light check before the event. If there is inadequate lighting, bring in small spots for the vendors. Remember, if the guest can’t see it well, they won’t buy it. This makes for unhappy vendor partners and reduced donations.

Ask the venue to have a manager on the floor at all times for spills, glass breakage, food replenishment, etc.  Ensure your coordinators for décor and entertainment manage their respective areas on event day. Hold a pre-event meeting.

Have a private dressing area for the models with a door that closes or a person who can stand guard.

If it’s hot and sunny, and the event's outside, ensure there's plenty of shade. It's fun to buy colorful paper umbrellas for the guests. If it's hot and there's no air conditioning, rent many fans.  Moving hot air feels better than stagnant hot air.

Do not depend on exhausted volunteers and event staff to stay and clean up. Hire people if possible.

Bi-level events with two stories separated by stairs, escalators or elevators can divide an event for the worse. If you must use a two-story venue, try to put the fashion show upstairs and keep the vintners and Marketplace together downstairs. Elevators can and will break!

No outdoor power for lighting, etc, is a surefire way to create panic and stress on event day. Double-check all outlets to ensure they are not dormant.

Historic buildings often mean no A/C, which can be a nightmare at a summer event.

If the venue is providing the catering, is the food any good?

There’s nothing worse than having to park far away and walk forever in heels

Hotels can work well, but remember: your event guests are sharing the valet with hotel guests, which can cause major issues when the event is over.

If you are purchasing stemware (because you had a sponsor’s name etched on the glass, etc.) then you must make sure the glasses are washed and polished before the event. packaged glassware picks up lint and funky smells from cardboard which can affect the taste of the wines.