COMMITTEES | Venue/Logistics



Check In:

Wine glasses; Guests receive a glass as they check-in or come in. Rent or buy glasses with a thin lip and large bowl (minimum 10oz.) To see an example, click here. Important: If you are purchasing stemware (because you had a sponsor’s name etched on the glass, etc.) then you must make sure the glasses are washed and polished before the event. packaged glassware picks up lint and funky smells from cardboard which can affect the taste of the wines.

1.2 glasses per attendee. Also account for vendors, shoe guys, winery reps, and anyone else who might drink.
Two glasses for each vintner
Four extra glasses at each vintner table to cover glasses that are lost or broken

A wine glass station table: 8 foot, store extra glasses, 60-inch-round, with drapes, two volunteers handing out glasses and informing guests that they each get one glass for the evening.

At least three or four tables with drape.

Greeters directing guests to openings at the check-in tables.

A designated station for guests that need more attention during check in (think register 1, 2, 3 & 4 with a customer service window)

Volunteers designated to distribute programs and paddles.


General Needs:

Extension cords
Power strips
Generator, if needed
Glassware - 1.2 per attendee (and remember to count Shoe Guys, models, vendors, vintners and others.)
Good multi-speaker sound system for marketplace and fashion show
Easels for mission posters, signage, sponsor signage
Lighting everywhere, if the event is outside and/or dark



Note: The food is best in a designated area and not intermixed with the fashion vendors.

Signage for each vendor
Table and linens - speak with food provider about sizing and need
Plenty of napkins - paper is fine
Utensils (if needed)



Signage for each vintner
Dump bucket (opaque) for each vintner table
1 - 36" round high-boy table with cloth; if this is not possible 1 - 30" high-boy and 1- bistro high-boy (They need the tableclothes to hide their wine boxes under the table) Per Vinter.
Water pitcher for each vintner table
Ice and plastic bus tub to chill wine (goes under the table)
Cloth napkin for each vintner
2 glasses (for vintners to taste wines before they pour)
Cork pull (wine bottle opener) for each vintner table
Umbrella, if it’s sunny (must store wine out of direct sun, or it goes bad)
Wine Retail Partner table, 1 six-foot table with linens

Ice for Vintners:

Deliver ice to the vintners' wine stations at least 30 minutes in advance so the wine has time to chill. If the event takes place in a hotel or event center, they should have a rolling ice caddy, which is used to deliver ice to each station. If not, use a child's red wagon. Load ice bags on this and dump the ice into the bus tubs located at each staion. You could also take the bus tubs to where the ice is delivered (garage, etc.), fill the tubs, and take these around to the stations. The drawback is that the tubs are heavier than ice bags.  



Signage for every vendor
Full-length mirrors - 1 per vendor
Tabletop mirrors - 1 per clothing or accessory vendor
Rugs - 5'x7' rug (minimal size) for each shoe vendor so the bottoms of new shoes are not scuffed
Chairs and benches for each shoe vendor so guests can sit and try on footwear
Lights  to illuminate merchandise for every vendor, if space is dark
Vendor Tables: varies by vendor, generally each clothing/accessory vendor needs two or three 8 foot tables, and each shoe vendor needs eight or nine tables for shoe display and box storage
Heat lamps (if it’s an evening event outside and the temperature drops, rent these)
Tents, awnings, umbrellas: if the Marketplace is outside during the day, especially in summer, provide shade
Fans: if the venue doesn’t have air conditioning, rent lots of fans


Auctions: Silent Auction, Live Auction, Key-to-the-Closet

(Liaise with individual coordinators on specific needs)
Clipboards and pens for bids
Table and linens for lot displays


Fashion Show:

Carpet – Prevents shoe bottoms from getting scuffed.  Get enough for dressing rooms, path from the dressing rooms to the runway, and the entire runway.

Plenty of room for the models, make-up and hair teams

Rolling racks and hanger for clothes

LOTS of mirrors

Seating to do hair and make-up and to try on shoes, and wait and hang out

Tables for hair and make-up artists to spread out their things, and for accessories

Power/extension cords to plug in curling irons

Runway - rental dimensions: 80’ L x 8’ W x 3’ H  & should be at least 3’ off the ground

Something to cover the sides of stage/runway (black drape, mirrors, etc.)

Backdrop with pipe and drape so that it feels like a stage

Awesome lighting

A door or drape that closes off the back stage area for privacy

Food, water, and WINE (!!!) for the models

Patron seating - chairs or tables and chairs, based on desired set-up

See the Fashion Show category on How-to for diagrams of Options 1 and 2 for layout seating

Option 1: Patron tables with theater style seating behind them. Tables that seat 8 to 10 are beneficial for the auction because they allow guests to see each other and bid on items together. They also provide a resting place for glasses and programs so their hands  are free lift their paddles. We have found that it is nice to have light bites on the Patron tables. The  other guests are seated theater style behind the patron tables.

Option 2: All theater style seating with designated VIP in the front row.