Sell tickets to guests for the opportunity to pull a bottle of great wine!  Using our guidelines below, your "Wall of Wine" could raise about $5000! If you put the wall of wine next to your sponsored bag check, you could raise even more.  How convenient to be able to leave your bottle in the bag check. For information on the bag check sponsorship click here.

To see pictures of the wall of wine click here.


The charity obtains all of the wine for the Wall of Wine.

The ideal total is 100 bottles of donated wines.

The average bottle price should be about $25/bottle

Include eight premium bottles between $55 - $75

Bag and display wines on the Wall of Wine

Sell tickets for $25 for each opportunity to pull a bottle of wine.

For extra revenue, find a Wall of Wine sponsor.  A Portland law firm paid $2,500 to sponsor a "Wall of Wine" with their logo on thesignage and each wine bag. 


Strategy: Wine Procuring 

Some people feel intimidated by the task of amassing a vault of vino. Don’t try to do it alone. Ask each committee member to bring in three or four bottles each, or give it to the chair and let that person solicit all the wines from wine retailers, restaurants and individuals. One recent tactic that's been working is to ask wine clubs, such as the Wall St. Journal Wine Club, to donate bottles. To see a sample letter requesting wine from wine clubs, click here.


Try these strategies: 

Ask a wine store where you’re a customer and ask for a mixed case of wines that they’re having trouble selling. 

Ask a distributer (need to have relationship; the wine store might be able to reach out on your behalf) – distributer may be carrying a wine brand that’s looking for increased visibility. WW&S events are a very desirable demographic. 

Ask friends with wine cellars. Maybe they want to get rid of wine club cast-offs to make room for better wines? 

Ask your girlfriends to each donate a bottle of wine. 

Ask restaurants where you’re a regular to donate a few bottles of wine.

Remember, it never hurts to ask, and you’re doing it for a great cause!