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Table Decor

Select white or brightly-colored tablecloths; they look bright, engaging and upbeat, the right tone for a WW&S event.

Black tablecloths create a heavy, somber look.

A combination of square and round tables is a good look.

For a fresh look, go with mixed prints and patterns, but be careful with the taste level—you may want a professional opinion.

Interesting, reusable centerpieces are more fun than flowers. Get creative—try lanterns, floating candles, etc.


If it’s hot and sunny, its fun to buy colorful paper umbrellas for the guests.

Shade umbrellas for the Vintners and other areas are a must for hot outdoor venues. 

Pipe & Drape

Use a white pipe and drape and white carpet for the runway, stage areas, etc.  It looks lovely in the sun, and clothing really pops against it.


A dark event is depressing. Find ways to shine light on all areas of the event. Try gels on lights for interesting effects.

Original Reusable Centerpieces

Lanterns? Floating candles?  Think original & reusable. It’s more interesting than flowers.