STEP 5: Lots Display 



Good lot display HUGELY impacts revenue. It takes two people two to three hours to put together 
the Key-to-the-Closet display.   

It's all about creating the imageof abundance.  Who wouldn't want to win all of this stuff?!?

Make sure there is plenty of room for people to see the closet. Bottlenecks hurt ticket sales.

Place gift certificates inside the respective stores' shopping bags with tissue. It's so much more appealing than a bunch of envelopes in a bowl.

Place a sign next your display listing all of your great Key-to-the-Closet contents!  San Francisco also included a contents list in a slideshow displayed in the marketplace.

Seattle sold tickets at $50 each.The display was brought in from California Closets, one of the donors, and set up with 360 degree viewing. It dominated the center of the room, so guests were passing by it all night couldn't resist.