STEP 4: Promote and Sell



Who will sell these tickets at the event? You will need to have designated ticket sellers roam the event.

Shoe Guys:To be honest, we go back and forth on this one. It only works if you have a few Shoe Guys sell raffle tickets. If all of your shoe guys are selling tickets it alienates your guests, sending them running in the opposite direction whenever they see Shoe Guys. (They may be thinking "Is he talking to me only because he wants to sell me something?")

In the successful cases, they designated only two of the most charismatic Guys to sell. Ask the Shoe Guy Chair if she has two strong candidates. If so, here are a few suggestions:

Identify the raffle ticket Shoe Guys clearly from other Shoe Guys. For example, at one event they carried armfuls of necklaces with keys on the end and clipboards.  That way they stood out from the other (non-ticket selling) Shoe Guys, who carried trays.

Have Shoe Guys competing to see who can sell out first.
Have Shoe Guys give something special to ticket buyers like the necklaces or blinking rings.

Volunteers: Ask men. Identify them, look for the same qualities, and give them the same tools you would give the Shoe Guys who sell tickets.


Have a Ticket Station for Key-to-the-Closet.  Have a volunteer explaining what Key-to-the-Closet is, and another volunteer selling tickets. Don't forget one of our favorite ideas, the blinking rings as tickets, discussed under Step Two, Strategizethe most effective "tickets" we've seen are the blinking rings. They not only identify the person as a ticket holder but they also serve as the ticket itself. 

At one event, all the rings were turned on, then put into fishbowls so that the women could reach in and choose the color they wanted. The winning ring had a dot on the inside of it, but no one knew that until the ring holders were all asked to stand up at the auction and check their rings to find the winner. It was fun and theatrical, which is what you're going for. For a video that says it all watch the video to the right. 



To find blinking rings to purchase, click on the links below


Create promotional flyers describing the Key-to-the-Closet raffle in detail with the vendors listed. 

Sample Materials:

Promo Flyer for KTC (to hand out at event)

Program Listing of KTC Contents with Values