STEP 3: Collect The Bounty 


Create a customized "ask" one-sheet. Check out the sample linked below.

KTC Donation Solicitation Template


Collect your items:  Pick up the phone, knock on doors, and ask people from whom you regularly buy services, for example, your hair salon, dry-cleaners, manicurist, etc. You can both ask and retrieve gift certificates and items when your normal routine takes you to each service to make it easy and natural.

Click here to download Auction Donation Template 1, click here to download Auction Donation Template 2. 

Keep track of the items: The coordinator needs to maintain a rigorous inventory.  Someone has to warehouse everything and track each item in a spreadsheet.

For a Sample KTC Contents Spreadsheet, click here.

Example Contents:

Containers for organizing the closet
A session with a personal stylist to help remake your closet
Personal training
Exercise classes
Specialty kitchen items 
Spa treatments
Hair appointments
Music gift certificates 
Gift certificates to local stores.  (Tell them most women buy more than the certificate's value. They get new customers, revenue and great marketing.)
Coffee table books

Glasses from an optical shop 
Fashion items from non participating vendors 
A golf bag and/or bike (adds value and looks great on display)
Running shoes
Exercise clothes
Art lessons 
Interior design services
Baked goods gift certificate
Dining gift certificates 
Dry cleaning 
Shoe repair 
Car washing or detailing
House knick knacks
Gift Certificate from Furniture Stores or Contractors
Ask your participating event vendors to provide an item or gift card


For one event, California Closets donated a $3,000 gift certificate towards a closet system, and gave a sample closet system to display merchandise. Click here to see a detailed description of what this entails. Then they sponsored an ad in a local magazine promoting the event and their lot. They got the non-profit rate, and the event got free advertising.