STEP 2: Strategize



Begin strategizing six months out.  It's never too early.

How much will your KTC tickets cost? Choose a nice round number--we like $100. Keep the quanities limited. If you limit to 100 and sell 97, have your auctioneer sell the last three tickets from the stage, or even auction them off. Your "closet" should be so full of great stuff that you can sell the last few tickets for several times their price.

What will your  tickets look like? We've seen little silver keys stamped out of paper, carnival tickets, Mardi Gras beads and simply writing names on clipboards. Get as creative as time and talent will allow! The most effective "tickets" we've seen are the blinking rings. They not only identify the person as a ticket holder but they also serve as the ticket itself. At one event, all the rings were turned on, then put into fishbowls so that the women could reach in and choose the color they wanted. The winning ring had a dot on the inside of it, but no one knew that until the ring holders were all asked to stand up at the auction and check their rings to find the winner. It was fun and theatrical, which is what you're going for.

To the right is a video that shows Shoe Guys selling the blinking rings.

For a template of a basic card style ticket for KTC click here.
These can be printed on Avery perforated business cards.


To find blinking rings to purchase, click on the links below.


Brainstorm about your ideal stuff.  Think "wouldn't it be great if we had..." Nothing is too big or small. Everything from closet systems contractor services, and cruiser bikes to dry cleaning and shoe repair is welcome. (See some sample contents under Step 3.) 

Work with a Mall. Is there a local mall with great shopping, which would want credit for being a resource (for example,” Westfield Mall Brings You Key to-the-Closet”)? Could that mall manager reach out to tenants and help procure items? 

Has anyone on the committee recently renovated anything? If so, ask that contractor for a donation of contracting services, which could be sold as closet building or build-out. 

Start thinking about the best ways to display items for Key-to-the-Closet.