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The music and choreography generate much of the show’s energy. It's like creating theater. This coordinator should have a background in (or at least an understanding of) theater and choreography.  

Ideas & Inspirations

NOTE:  The below ideas apply by and large to community models, although you do want 
professional models to also look like they're having fun on stage.

       Great music is essential: 2-minute song segments are best with a smooth transition
        between each song.  The WW&S team can provide a play list if desired.

       Hire a DJ (who also works Markeplace)

       Have absolutely NO narration at all during the show. (It can sound hoakey.)

       Make sure that all of your songs are upbeat & energizingIf people like the songs they
        will have fun.

       Song Ideas for the Show
       Choreograph some models to walk solo and some to walk in pairs, giving the show more

       Have varied choreography, with models dancing and having a good time.  But keep it
        simple.  It's not a dance recital.

       Remind models to have fun!  But again, understand the difference between hoakey/ 
        dopey and cute/clever.     

       Vary the choreography & runway walking pattern.  Don't have everyone go the same
        direction over 
and over again.  That is repetitive & boring.

       Think of this as creating theater.  All the timing should be just right for the intro & finale.  
        Have the first model walk out to a dramatic beat.

     •  Have two or 3 single models, then send in a pair.

       Mix old fun songs & contemporary music--don't segregate them, mix them together

     •  Don't use the entire song.  Your DJ should cut only the fun, fast parts of the song.  Use 
         at least 1.5 min of each song.  See our sample mix here.  Songs should blend well.

     •  We have mixes that you can use

       No long pauses, & never have an rempty runway.

     •  Release a model about every 30 seconds.

       Life is not a dress rehearsal...but your fashion show should have one if possible!
       A maximum 18-20 minute show is the perfect amount of time before the audience
        becomes restless

      Keep it flowing – make sure there isn’t too much time elapsing between each model. Try
        to keep multiple
models on the runway at a time.


Lessons Learned


Put a cork in it, please?

      Play lively music during the fashion show and save the commentary for the emcee before
         and after the
show. Commentary about the clothes and models kills the energy of the
         show. Its more fun to hear great

I’m too sexy for this song or did someone forget to turn it on?

     •  Run through your fashion show mix with the DJ to make sure there aren’t any slow spots
        or breaks in the music.  We’ve had 4 second pauses between songs and its painful for the

Man, who turned on the Relaxanova?

       Play high energy girls-night-out music (ask DJ to cut slow parts if there are any)

     •  Do not play “hip-hop” or "rap" music

     •  Do not hire a saxophone player a la Kenny G, or play jazz

     •  Do not hire a violinist, or play classical music

     •  Do not play techno club music

       Do not play  "Buddha Bar" loung house music

       If you’re still not sure of your musical selections, ask WW&S

     •  Consider the age group of your audience & what type of music they'd love. For instance,
        if your audience is predominantly 45-50, include some disco and 



There's a party goin' on . . . somewhere.

Ask the sound company to spread the speakers equally around the venue.  It’s easy to get
        stuck with your speakers by the power sources.  But it disrupts the
sound’s balance, and
        what's worse, people on the other side of the room can't hear the music.  And don’t forget
        to put speakers
outside by the valet and at check-in.

Beware of volume turned too low and drowned out by crowd noise.

Say what??

Speakers placed in front of/next to vendors/vintners make it impossible to talk to guests.


Life of the, err, party
Beware of drunk DJs.  We don’t mind if they drink, but in moderation.