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(PR, Social Media, Marketing, Promotions)


This committee works closely with the Charity and has the major responsibility for promoting the event through outreach.  This includes promotions, public relations, and marketing through partnerships, social media, etc. Ideally this group has connections in local media/knows local bloggers/etc. and is savvy with social media for pre-event buzz, which increase ticket sales.  This committee collaborates with the Charity to assure that every ticket sells; makes follow-up calls to key individuals for ticket sales; assures that everyone associated with the event has the information needed to sell tickets; works with models, board and committee to fill tables; works with wine & fashion retail partners, and wine societies to promote event; finds creative ways to sell tickets (like hair salons, doctor's offices, etc.); creates incentives for ticket sales; works with chairs on budget.

View & download:

For Outreach Milestones:
Long-term Event Timeline

Outreach divides into:

Step 1:  Get Organized

Step 2:  Strategize & Reach Out


       Helpful Sample Documents 


 Step 1:  Get Organized


Put together a talented committee
Ideally everyone in this group has connections in local media/knows local bloggers/etc. and is savvy with social media for
pre-event buzz, which increase ticket sales.

Learn the Lingo
Before you start your outreach, learn the lingo of WW&S!  We have lines and lines of fun phrases for your copy.  
See these pages in our slideshow above or download them from the Sample Documents section below:

Wine & Shoe Pairing 101 One-Sheet
Clever Copy Samples

Start Creating Materials for Outreach 
Put together some basic introduction letters for media, and other people or groups that you will need to contact.

Post Your Event on
Now in its 12th year, they are the world’s leading online calendar of events for Wine, Food, Beer, and Spirits. It is a “post your own” site. It is free to post food, wine, beer and spirits events. They have over 190,000 subscribers & a weekly newsletter, and over 50,000 fans on Facebook.  Submit your event for FREE here:



 Step 2:  Strategize & Reach Out





Print, E-Blasts, Web
Graphics & Timeline




You have 27 hours to work with Sarah, our graphics expert.
(Generally 17-20 hours on Print & E-blasts, and 8-10 hour on Web update.)  
She helps with ideas, templates, and a timeline.  

You'll have a "kick-off" call with her to discuss the following:


Graphics Production List


See example e-blasts in the slideshow above, at left, and here:


E-Blast Samples 






Promotional Video Strategy

Pitch your story to a local news outlet, or recruit a prominent ad agency (or a local radio or TV station with staff & equipment) to volunteer personnel & create pro bono promo vidoes or a PSA or your charity. 


• WWS National Promo 2014
    Use this to promote your event until you get a customized promo (below)!


• Customized Pre-Event Promo Samples
   We can also customize these WWS promos for your event!


A.) Shorter promo with only a presenting sponsor:

What we need from you:

1) Charity Name
2) Charity Logo (JPG, at least 300 dpi)
3) Event Date, Time, Place
4) Presenting Sponsor Logo (JPG, at least 300 dpi)



B.) Shorter promo, presenting sponsors & spaces for other primary sponsors:

What we need from you:

1) Charity Name
2) Charity Logo (JPG, at least 300 dpi)
3) Event Date, Time, Place
4) Presenting Sponsor Logo (JPG, at least 300 dpi)
5) Other Sponsor Logos (JPG, at least 300 dpi)




C.) Promo with NO sponsors listed--only place, date, time:

What we need from you:

1) Charity Name & JPG logo (at least 300 dpi)
Event Date, Time, Place





• Post-Event Video Samples
   This will be a strong tool for getting sponsorship for next year's event! Strike while the iron's hot!




WWS Sarasota 2013 (inside event):


WWS Bakersfield 2013 (outside event):




Filming Release Document 
If filming at your event, you may want to post this appearance release document, so that attendees are aware that they may appear on


• Pre-Event Video PSA Sample:  

Pre-Event Radio PSA Script Sample: 

CASA of Kern County invites you to “change your shoes and change a child’s life” at this year’s ‘Wine Women and Shoes’ event presented by Dignity Health Mercy Memorial Hospitals. 

On Saturday October 5th, you’ll sip fine wines, savor tasty bites, shop our boutique marketplace, flirt with shoe guys, and take in high-style at our runway fashion show.  Reserve your ticket at Wine Women and Shoes dot com slash casa kc. Wine Women and Shoes october there…be fabulous! 


Facebook Strategy

We recommend posting the link to your specific WW&S event page URL in all of your facebook posts, promoting your event. Also, attaching a shoe photo (or better yet, a Shoe Guy photo) to your post will make it more interesting and help it stand out in your friends’ news feeds.  

Some charities create a Facebook page solely for their WW&S event. Sarasota does a great job of shouting out to partners, sponsors, and spreading the word (and increasing ticket sales!). They have 1,000 likes! Check it out for yourself:

Also, be sure and join the WW&S National FB page:

We post frequently, so you can simply repost as you like to your event Facebook page, or your event’s Facebook page. 

There is also a Facebook forum for WW&S committee members, where you can post your questions and success stories, and get tips from other committee members nationwide:

Here are some suggestions for items to post to Facebook:

    Posted by Charity:
     •  Wine + Women + Shoes = COUNT ME IN! Join me/us April 23 for the 1st Annual WW&S benefiting St Rose Hospital. Get your tix

     •  Calling all wine lovers, foodies and fashionistas...join us April 23 at the Four Seasons for this spectacular event!
     •  Where else can you shop, sip wine and nibble hors d'oeuvres for a meaningful cause? Wine Women& Shoes!
     •  Breaking News!! It’s time for Wine Women & Shoes! Get your tickets to sip, shop & support here:
     •  These boots are made for walkin'! So slip into yours and get your kicks as you support a great cause at Wine Women & Shoes this
        weekend! (attach photo of boots)

     •  Kick up your heels and pop those corks for a cause at Wine Women & Shoes!
     •  From hunky husbands to foxy firefighters, Shoe Guys just might be our knights in shining armor who are stepping up in support of 
        [CHARITY] at Wine Women & Shoes!

     •  [PLUG WINERIES HERE] & more wonderful wineries will be turning their corkscrews for a cause this [DAY] in Pleasanton for
        [CHARITY] ~ Sip, shop & shmooze the night away at Wine Women & Shoes!

     •  It's sure to be a SIP-and-SHOEsational night at tonight's WW&S in Peoria! Thanks to our hunky Shoe Guys for giving the YWCA a 
        leg up...

     •  Saturday, April 23: Get ready to pair Layer Cake's Virgin Chardonnay with Diana E. Kelly's Champagne Maria flats ~ two summer
        sensations we'll be toasting at Wine Women & Shoes benefiting [CHARITY]!

    Wine-Related Posts
     •  Calling all Orlando [WINERY NAME] fans! Vintner/winery rep, [NAME], will be pouring with a purpose on April 23 at Wine Women &

     •  Join [WINERY NAME] as we sip & swirl to support [CHARITY] at Wine Women & Shoes on April 23.
     •  The glass is half full…of [ex//Villa San Juliette Sauv Blanc]! Don’t miss the sipsational opportunity to meet founder, [ex//Adam
         Lazarre], at Wine Women & Shoes this weekend!

     •  Sip, Sip Hooray! Wine Women & Shoes is TODAY!
     •  Hey swirlfriends! Come to Wine Women & Shoes this weekend to sip sensational wines from exclusive West Coast wineries!

     Posted By Shoe Guys:
     •  Wine Women & Shoes?...HOT. I’ll be filling my foot-fetish quota for the year at this fundraiser for [CHARITY] on April 23.
     •  Male to female ratio = 1:20 Just one of the many benefits of being a Shoe Guy.
     •  Who can resist a guy dishing up sexy stilettos on a silver platter?! Give in to temptation at Wine Women & Shoes on Saturday…it’s
        for charity!

     •  Who says drag queens have all the fun? Try being a shoe guy at Wine Women & Shoes!

     Posted By Models:
     •  Joining my Sole Sisters on the runway to raise money for [CHARITY] at Wine Women & Shoes on Thursday.  Come see me strut
        my stuff to support a great cause!

     •  I’ll be walking on sunshine as a volunteer model in the Wine Women & Shoes fashion show on April 23 to support [CHARITY]. Be
        there. Be fabulous!

     •  On the catwalk for a cause this weekend…come support me and [CHARITY] as we kick up our heels at Wine Women & Shoes.


Partnerships Strategy
Cultivate partnerships.  Think of all of your current & potential partners and use them to market the event.  Possible partners
include your host committee, marketplace vendors, local media, event sponsors, etc.  Use your partners as promotional outlets.  
Ask them if you can place posters and promotional cards in their establishments, if they could forward e-mails, distribute materials, etc.
Moreover, ask them all for names for your mailing lists!   
Possible Partners:

Speak with all committee chairs and have the ask their committee members & volunteers to: Give names for your mailing lists; distribute posters, save-the-date cards, etc.; and also forward all promotional e-mails to their friends and colleagues. 

Host Committe
The main objective of the host committee is to use their contacts, connections and influence to help promote the event. So make sure you take advantage of this resource!  

Event Sponsors
Work with your Sponsorship committee to gain sponsors' support in promotion.  Ask them to hang posters, keep stacks of save-the-date cards next to their registers, etc. 

Event Vendors 
Work your Marketplace committee to gain vendors' support in promotion.  Ask them to hang posters, keep stacks of
save-the-date cards next to their registers, etc. 


Partner with local media outlets (magazines, TV, radio, bloggers) to become "sponsors" of your event helps you obtain better marketing
& PR, and possibly reduce ad costs.  

Samples Pre-Event Press:

Pre-Event Press Charleston 2013

Pre-Event Press Bakersfield 2013


Sample Press ReleasesPress Release Template & Media Advisory Sample


• Sample partnership ideas with a local magazine:

·       1 month before the event: a “ Save the Date/Event Announcement” appears in the magazine
·       Month of the event: ¼ page event ad, which also thanks event sponsors
·       Pre-event e-blast to magazine subscribers
·       Place event listing on the magazine's website calendar
·       100 magazines for VIP swag bags
·       Gallery of fun event photos in the magazine's “Scene” section (online &/or print)
Post-event ad thanking event sponsors

Examples of successful magazine & newspaper ads


• Sample partnership idea with a local radio station:

·       Ticket giveaways:  1 month before the event people have to call in to spell the names of shoe designers in order to win
      "sought after" tickets.  Great promo! 

• Sample partnership ideas with a local fashion blogger:

Blogger Tasks (benefiting charity event):

·        Pre-event blog post covering either charity launch party or another pre-event
·        Promotion of the event through blogger's social media outlets
·        Post-event blog post covering actual event
·        Mention of the event in any blogger newsletters?

Charity Tasks (benefiting blogger):

·         Mention blogger on WWS website and social media
·         Mention in event invitation
·         ¼ page in program
·         2 tickets to the event

• Media as Judges: 

·     Recruit Media as Contest Judges: The Orlando team had a local fashion blogger judge the Best in Shoe contest.
      She took pics of the shoes 
with her iPad and posted the best on her blog. She then announced the winners from
      the stage.  Before the event,
 she promoted the event to her followers.  After the event she provided a lot of post event
      press. She has 23,000 fans in 
Facebook! If you don't have a prominent fashion blogger, a local magazine or newspaper
      fashion personality is an
 ideal candidate.

• Story Pitch Ideas for Media: 

    •  How does her closet reflect the woman and where she is in her life? Exercise clothes, black tie,
       work, jeans, gardening, etc. Use the models, chair, committee members, and/or women helped by the charity 
       as the subjects. 
    •  Talk about what families give up when they are displaced. How this would impact their closets. Little things we
       don’t think about like not 
having any work clothes, etc.
    •  Well-designed closets, unusual closets (entire rooms, etc.) of women involved in the event.
    •  A series of articles asking different women involved in the event “What’s your favorite thing in your closet & why?" 
       Make these meaningful answers. 

    Shoe collections
     •  Interesting and/or extensive shoe collections of women involved in the event (models, committee, charity staff)
     •  Talk about how women collect shoes and why. We always feel good in shoes. This is univseral. 
     •  Bring in historic shoes, etc.
     •  A series of articles asking different women involved in the event “Tell me about your favorite shoes? Why?” 
        Great stories about their shoes that reflect the woman (e.g. hiked Africa in them, wore them to first job
        interview, best Valentine’s Day gift ever).

    Walk in her shoes
     •  Talk about the people the charity helps – inspiring stories.
     •  Talk about the models
     •  Talk about people on the committee & board who are inspiring.

     •  Profile the models, the companies and why they are honored –
        this can be a part of the sponsor benefits

    Shoe Guys
     •  What is a Shoe Guy and who are they?  
        A series of or a single article with profiles and inspiring stories

    Green Events
     •  How do you make an event green and how WW&S is doing this?

     •  What is WW&S?  Who is the Charity:  
        committee, models, partners, sponsors, vintners, et al.? 

     •  Pitch profiles on visiting women vintners who are helping the charity raise money–who they are and
        stories behind their wines. 

    Day Of
     •  Press on the event with photographer

    Post Event
     •  Success of the event!  (See the post-event press release in the Sample Docs below and the slideshow above.)
     •  Interesting auction lots and moments


Lessons Learned


Who’s Party is it anyway?
  •  Communicate your charity’s mission!   Mission posters placed around the room help, as do a powerful video and/or speaker to remind guests why they're there.





 Sample Documents

(All included above as well)