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Create benefits packages for the lead and other sponsors of your event. In addition to sending the Sponsorship Presentations, we suggest talking with the potential sponsor about what they value and would like. There may be a fabulous idea that you hadn't thought of in something you didn't even know they wanted. Don't forget about your media partners. You may use your media partners to benefit sponsors. For example if you have a trade for a half page ad in a magazine, offer it to a top-tier sponsor, for example: "California Closets brings you Wine, Women & Shoes..."

When you're sending your presentations to target sponsors, include a link to our Sponsorship Video so they can see what our events are all about.

Sample Sponsorship Benefits Presentations: (View and Download)

Sponsorship Presentation A

Sponsorship Presentation B

Short Sponsorship Presentation

Sponsorships Opportunity Grid

See our Auto Sponsor One-Sheet

Specific Sponsor Program Requests:

Insurance Company Proposal (PPT)

Car Dealer Program from Marin 2011


After you identify your sponsorship opportunities and benefits, present YOUR VERSIONS of the following document to potential sponsors, as appropriate: Sponsorship Request Templates

Share our Sponsorship Video. It helped one of our charities obtain an elite $25K presenting sponsor!

After securing the sponsors, have them sign agreements. Here are some samples:

Land Rover Agreement

Sample Sponsor Agreement