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 Sponsor Program Ideas

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Photo OppsStep & Repeat - Cover Girl - Photo Booth
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 TV Screen - Luxury Cars - Car Wash 
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Get Started

 1st appoint well-connected chairs. It could be 2 "co-chairs" with complementing skills:

→ "Connector":   knows everyone & convinces them to participate 
→ "Detail Diva":  follows up with sponsors and ensures that they complete all of the paperwork

Whether or not there are 2, it's crucial to have people with these abilities.  (Usually the connector is not good
with paperwork & follow up, which is important.)

 View this timeline & advice:

Sponsorship Committee Timeline
Sponsorship Advice from Sarasota

Engage every committee member to leverage connections in various industries.
  Ask everyone to give a list of people they do business with:  plumbers, contractors, doctors, et al.

Create target list of potential businesses sponsors. 

•  Possible corporate sponsors: plastic surgery/laser eye centers; dermatologists; banks; real estate agents; 
   car dealerships; 
residential design/build companies; major corporations in your city; foundations; concierge doctors;
   hospitals or hospital groups; mortgage or 
refinancing companies;
orthodontists; plumbers; flooring companies; cell phone
   companies; contractors or builders; oil companies; ag companies; large corporations

•  Think "out of the box" about sponsors, which appeal to women:  Roto Rooter (they're franchised & have $$ they must
   spend on marketing; lawyers (e.g.litigation specialists?); fertility clinics

•  Possible media sponsors: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, or “bloggers”

•  New business are good targets

•  Here's a sponsor revenue spreadsheet, a list of sponsors & the revenue they contributed

•  Below is the sponsorship from Sacramento's 2012 event. 
   It gives an idea of what businesses may buy in & at what level:

SponsorshipOpportunities 0001


Sponsor Programs


What’s in it for sponsors? 

•  Here is a recent sponsor presentation, which outlines the many partnership benefits to businesses
   Sponsor Partnership Opportunities Presentation 2013


Which programs generate the most revenue?  Read on for our ideas!   

•  Here's a list of revenue-generating programs we've seen work:  Revenue Generating Programs One Sheet


What can sponsors sponsor?


If it has space for a logo, think: How can I market or brand this?

WW&S events are LOADED with branding opportunities--from logos on marketing materials to water bottles, there are limitless ways to optimize partnerships, and increase your revenue. 

Following are some great ideas:


sponsored dessert-L 



What's sweeter? Have a local bakery or cake company donate cupcakes or lollicakes and get a sponsor to underwrite them. Cupcake companies
will put a company logo on a sugar disk.

•  Have cupcake station and/or pass them around on trays.

•  For lollicakes, place sponsor name or logo on tags tied to each   
   pop that say something like: "San Francisco Magazine thanks  
   you for
stepping out in style to support CASA".



Event Culinary Sponsor
Create a "Sole Food" Sponsor level at $3,000-5,000 for a company or individual to be the only food sponsor for the Signature event and their company branding would be on all of the food tables and passed hors d'oeuvres platters/trays.



sarasota mag cover


Cover Girl Photo Shoot

Strike a pose for a cause? Smile and say "Chardonnay!"
•  Partner with a local social magazine who can set up a "cover girl"  
   photo shoot on-site at your event with a fun backdrop.

•  Grab your sole sisters or sole mates and strike a pose as the
   photographer positions you just right.

•  Using an on-site color printer, the magazine can print your 5x7 copy
   with the magazine's masthead at the top so it looks like you're true
   cover girls!

•  Charge $20 for each print: $10 to the charity; $10 to the magazine 
    to underwrite costs.

•  The exposure for the magazine is incredible and it makes money
    for the charity ~ a win-win!

•  This net $2,000 for one of our charity partners

View More Sample Cover Girl Photos





Photo Booth Fun

•  Renting a photo booth is really fun for guests and a great way for people to
   remember your event.



wine women and shoes presented by the lexington cancer foundation 89

Step & Repeat Banner

The "paparazzi" red carpet and banner backdrop can generate a lot of buzz at your event and ideal photos for sponsors given logo exposure.

•  As a sponsorship package, offer the logo-printed backdrop (called a 
   "step & repeat") and red carpet as a photo opp.

•  This can be limited to one sponsor buying this package exclusively 
   or it can be co-sponsored with two or three brands sharing the 

•  Backdrop works best with no more than 3 logos repeated 

•  Have several photographers - magazines, local papers and free 
   lancers with websites, so it feels like paparazzi with lots of flashes 
   going off.  We also suggest having a women doing Joan Rivers style 
   interviews with a video cameraman catching it all on tape.

•  After the event, post the pictures on the event Facebook page, 
   where guests can see them, tag themselves and save the pics to 
   their phones and computers.

•  Place this INSIDE your event.  If you put it at the entrance women will 
   skip it & forget.  But if they have a couple of glasses, they'll want a 

 View More "Paparazzi" Photos Here


water bottle


Water Bottles
Have a local business sponsor water bottles for your event
-- sip, sip, hooray!  
•  Place in chill tubs as guests exit the event  
•  Great in your swag bags
•  Place at wine stations
•  Place in entrance & exit areas
•  Place sponsor logo on front & charity logo on the back
    -- a win win for all

•  Customer water bottle supplier:
•  Custom bottles can be expensive. You can also go to a place like  
   Sam's Club, buy inexpensive bottles, and print your own labels.
   does not
llook as attractive, but it works.




Wine Tags

Have a local business sponsor wine tags for your event! 

These innovative & decorative sponsor promos wrap around the bottom stems of wine glasses.

 •  The sponsor logo is on front of the tag.

 •  Put around bottom stem of each wine glass as you hand them out.

 •  The tags cost around $.50 each for custom printed versions.

 •  Following are vendors providing these tags: 


Massage Sponsor

Foot Massage

Reach out to a local spa or massage company (i.e. Massage Envy)

  Have a sponsor underwrite a foot massage station (ideally activated
   during the last hour when everyone's feet hurt from their heels
   We promise--the masseuses will take the "ow" out of this "wow"




Shoe GuysTM

There are typically 20+ Shoe Guys working the room and engaging 350+ women.  It's a super networking opportunity.  Position this opportunity as a targeted group of brand ambassadors who will be the hit of the event.  For example, if a real estate company is a sponsor, they could provide 2 shoe charming real estates agents and collect new clients.  Same for doctors,et al. 


•  Various businesses sponsor the entire group of Shoe Guys in return  
   for logo placement and branding exposure on their black T-shirts. 
   (Looks best if it's on the sleeves.)

•  See if one of your shoe guys has a company who wants to sponsor, 
   or add this as a benefit to sponsors.





TV Screens

Position HD TV screens with your sponsor's logos. Think of non-traditional ways of doing this.  World Neighbors used a giant metal globe and aranged monitors all around it, each displaying a sponsor's logo









Wall of Wine

Wall of Wine

 (a.k.a. Wine Pull)


Sell raffle tickets to guests for the opportunity to pull a bottle of great wine!  Using our guidelines below, your "Wall of Wine" could raise about $4000!


•  The charity obtains all of the wine for the Wall of Wine
•  The ideal total is 100 bottles of donated wines. 

•  The average bottle price should be about $25/bottle
•  Include 8 premium bottles between $55 - $75
•  Bag and display wines on the Wall of Wine
•  Sell tickets for $25 for each opportunity to pull a bottle of wine.
•  For extra revenue, find a Wall of Wine sponsor.  A Portland law
   firm paid  $2,500 to sponsor a "Wall of Wine" with their 
logo on the
   signage and each wine bag

Strategy:  Wine Procuring

Some people feel intimidated by the task of amassing a vault of vino. Don’t try to do it alone. Ask each committee member to bring in 3 - 4 bottles each, or give it to the chair and let that person solicit all the wines from wine retailers, restaurants and individuals.  

Try these strategies:

 •  Ask a wine store where you’re a customer and ask for a mixed
    case of wines that they’re having trouble selling.
 •  Ask a distributer (need to have relationship; the wine store might
    be able to reach out on your behalf) – distributer may be carrying
    a wine brand that’s looking for increased visibility. WW&S events
    are a very desirable demographic.
 •  Ask friends with wine cellars. Maybe they want to get rid of wine
    club cast offs to make room for better wines?
 •  Ask your girlfriends to each donate a bottle of wine.
 •  Ask restaurants where you’re a regular to donate a few bottles
    of wine.
 •  Hit up your recently sober friends for their wine collection – just

Remember, it never hurts to ask, and you’re doing it for a great cause!







 Swag Bags

•  Sell a sponsor logo on swag bags

•  Sell a sponsor logo on resuable shopping bags.  In Portland, a moving
   company provided reusable shopping bags with their logos on them 
   for all
vendor sales. Sponsorship was traded for in-kind moving
   services for the charity's clients throughout the year. (The
   supports victims of domestic abuse.)

IDEA: Is there a biz in your community with logo'd bags who would pay for the opportunity to get their name out?









Luxury Car Dealers

These sponsorships can run between $5,000 and $15,000. Examples:

See our Platinum Automobile Sponsor One-Sheet 

Land Rover - $7,500 co-sponsorship 

•  Co-sponsored the Neiman Marcus fashion show to underwrite 
   production costs.

•  Logo was featured on runway backdrop before the show began as       
   dealer rep acknowledged partnership

•  Land Rover Agreement

Mercedes-Benz - $10,000 sponsorship 
(Parked two luxury cars at event site for Facebook photo shoot)

•  Guest posed with pink feather boas, tiaras and dealer branded 
   shopping bags.

•  Photos were emailed to guests as well as uploaded to dealer 
   Facebook page. (dealer captured e-mails at the event) 

•  They leveraged their sponsorship to grow their social media 
   presence in the community.

Cadillac - $15,0000 sponsorship

  In Bakersfield, CA, they parked the cars in the driveway of the house and 
    created a step and repeat photo opportunity with the cars.

•  They also put a little charm on the wine glass.   


Car for the Weekend Auction Lots 

The Orlando event had Bentley donate a "car for the weekend" for their live auction. It made a great display and it was popular.  After the event, the winning bidder got drive out in the car for the weekend.
BMW should love this idea since they are promoting their Ultimate Driving Experience campaign again...


 car wash


Car Wash


•   If the event is at a private event facility or home and there is valet
    parking,offer a
car wash service for a fee. Guests can pick up a clean
    car and you bring in some revenue. Services could be offered by a high
    school class, Boy Scout troupe, or professionals who get a flat rate and
    you keep the difference.



Mirror tags

Ask a business to sponsor the vendor mirrors with a phrase like, “You look
    mah-vellous!” and the company logo. $1,500

•   As a final message to your guests, have Valet hang a tag from the rear view
    mirror with a mission statement on it. At the bottom, you could sell a sponsor
    logo to a car insurance company or some other sponsor like a bank, CPA, or




Cheese Station


•   Have a cheese station sponsored by a local company. It could be branded
    with their logo on the signage, the cheese markers (at left - you can get these
    on line) as well as on the chef coat(s). Find a handsome man (men) to tend to
    the station and explain the cheeses to the guests. Who wouldn't want to learn
    more about cheese from this charming man?

For a further tie in, the handsome man could be from the sponsor. The
    employee learns about cheese and helps at the counter. 

If there is a cheese distributor in your city, maybe they can provide the cheese
    and provide the rep, then the sponsor can put their logo on it.

There are all sorts of ways to put this together. All you need are cheese, the
    little signs, and a cute, educated guy. 










Offerings & E-Blasts  

Sponsor-Offered Free Tickets   

•  Love this benefit sent out via e-blast (at left) from our Tulsa
   charity on behalf of 
one of the sponsors for Tulsa.  The sponsor had a 
   ticket giveaway to people who went to the event Facebook page & 
   entered the contest.  

•  Pre-events like this idea bring value to the sponsor, get the word out and  
    encourage more likes on your Facebook page. 



More Sponsorship Opportunities:

•  Key to the Closet sponsor

•  Napkin sponsor with business logo

•  Water and lemonade station with sponsorship signs that say "XXX is happy to hydrate you

•  Full Fashion Show

•  Cheese station

•  Models:  
Businesses can provide models as part of a sponsor package—great way to honor a female employee
    and have her fill a table. One charity partner brought in 7 sponsors with 2 models each at the $5,000 level, for a total of $35,000.
    Also ask your  fashion show community models to recruit one sponsor each ($1,000 sponsorship x 10 models = $10,000)

•  Kick-off Party:  Lead sponsor can host patron kick-off party at their desired venue. 

→  Sponsor Kick-off Party:  Sarasota had a kick-off party at a Landrover dealership with shoe guys,
     the committee members, and sponsors.  It brought 100-150 people (potential new clients) into the dealership.

→  Shoe Guys Kick-Off Party:  In Napa a shoe guy who had a wealth management company sponsored the shoe guy kick-off.
      It allowed him to meet and network with his fellow shoe guys, all potential new clients.

•  VIP Lanyards:  Special lanyards for sponsors to wear at the event (think backstage passes).  One idea is 3" x 5" printed tags
   on ribbons worn around 
the neck

  Coat Check or Bag Check Sponsor:  Great for a bank or CPA film.  Add a sign such as this: "Trust XXX with your items"  



 Sponsor Packages

Using the ideas above, create benefits packages for the lead & other sponsors of your event. Before you do this, speak with each potential sponsor.  Find out what each values so that you can custom create benefits packages.  Don't forget about your media trades. You may use your media trades for sponsor benefits.  For example if you have a trade for a 1/2 page ad in a magazine, offer it to a good sponsor., e.g.: "California Closets brings you Wine, Women & Shoes..."

Sample Sponsorship Benefits Packets: (View & Download:)

Sponsorship Presentation A

Sponsorship Presentation B

One-of-a-Kind Sponsorships

See our Auto Sponsor One-Sheet 

Specific Sponsor Program Requests:

Real Estate Co. Sponsor Request

Insurance Company Proposal (PPT)

Car Dealer Program from Marin 2011


Sponsor Requests & Cover Letters



 After you ID sponsorship opportunities & benefits, present these to potential sponsors:

(View & Download these samples:)


Sample Sponsorship Request Templates


Lead Sponsorship Package Marin 2012 (Overview of lead benefits)


Sarasota Sponsorship E-blast Announcement 2011


 Sponsorship Video:  Showing a video helped one of our charities obtain an elite $25k presenting sponsor!



Sponsor Agreements

After securing sponsors, have them sign agreements:

(View & Download these samples:)


Land Rover Agreement

Sarasota Sponsor Agreement 2011

Promoting Sponsors


Now that you have your sponsors, you & your sponsors need to maximize their exposure.  Do this through promotion. Why?  If they perceive great promo benefits from participating, they'll be thrilled & return next year--maybe with more money:

Promo Ideas for Sponsors:

→ Create special e-blasts for your sponsors (e.g. "we're driving our Cadillacs to the WW&S event on ...")

→ Give sponsors additional comp tickets to give to their good clients, and explain the benefit to the sponsor

→ Use your magazine media trades for sponsor benefits (e.g. "California Closets brings you Wine, Women & Shoes...")

More ideas:


Maximize Your Sponsorship


Sponsor Promo Poster from Sacramento

Post-Event Follow-Up


 Designate someone who will manage the sponsors and get their feedback the event.

• Ask sponsors at the event if they are in for next year. Within 2 weeks after the event, have the paperwork for the following year's event
  in their hands. This will give the charity a big head start in sponsorships. 

 Determine if and by how much you want to raise the sponsorship prices. We've seen the Valet sponsor go from $2,500 to $5,000 in 1
  year and the car sponsor go up by $5,000 from 1 year to the next.

 Don't forget to thank your sponsors!  See our Post Event Communication page


Lessons Learned


  Do walk through of event with major sponsors at venue so there are no surprises

Don’t forget to thank all of your major sponsors during the speaking portion of the event!

Create logo checklist for marketing materials


Links & Documents Shop
(All Listed Above)




View this timeline & advice: 

       Sponsorship Committee Timeline

Sponsorship Advice from Sarasota


Sample Sponsorship Benefits Packets:

Sponsorship Presentation A

Sponsorship Presentation B

One-of-a-Kind Sponsorships

See our Auto Sponsor One-Sheet 


Promo Ideas for Sponsors:

Maximize Your Sponsorship

Sponsor Promo Poster from Sacramento




Sponsorship Request & Cover Letters:

Sample Sponsorship Request Templates

Lead Sponsorship Package Marin 2012 (Overview of lead benefits)

Sarasota Sponsorship E-blast Announcement 2011


Specific Sponsor Program Requests:

Real Estate Co. Sponsor Request

Insurance Company Proposal (PPT)

Car Dealer Program from Marin 2011

Sponsor Agreements:

Land Rover Agreement

Sarasota Sponsor Agreement 2011


F.Y.I. One Sheets

Sponsor revenue spreadsheet

Revenue Generating Programs One Sheet