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This task entails setting up the stage and sound systems for the fashion show. This includesproviding what’s needed backstage for the models:  mirrors, tables, etc.

Ideas & Inspirations


       Work with the Venue Chair to obtain the stage, lighting, and other necessary equipment.

       If a full runway show is not an option you can still have models on a fixed platform.
     •  Don’t make the models hold signs with the name of the designer’s/store’s outfit they’re wearing. This is
        cumbersome and feels like they’re a walking ad.    
       Stage Rental:
         - Should be at least 3’ off the ground
         - Something to cover the sides (black drape or mirrors)
         - Backdrop with pipe and drape so that it feels like a stage
      Staging Area:
         - Plenty of room for make-up and hair artists as well as the models
         - Carpeted area in case the models want to try on their shoes
         - Food and water
         - Rolling racks for clothes plus a way to put the model’s name on their hangers of clothes
         - LOTS of mirrors
         - Seating to get hair and make up done and to try on shoes
         - Tables for hair and make up artists to spread out their things
         - Power/extension cords to plug in curling irons
      Carpet, carpet, carpet – the shoes are borrowed from the vendors so they want to be able to sell them
        again. Meaning no scuffs.  Make sure the dressing room is near the runway.  Carpet the path from the   
        dressing room to the runway and the entire runway. Ask the models to put their shoes on right before
        they walk onto the runway


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Runway/Staging Guidelines
       Runway dimensions: 80’ L x 8’ W x 3’ H
       Create a backdrop using pipe & drape or something to complete the runway
       Runway MUST be carpeted to prevent shoes from getting scratched!
      Runway shows need an elevated stage and runway otherwise guests can’t see the show.

Seating Set-Up:  Two Options:
     1. Runway: rows of chairs to the left/right/and top of runway
     2. Patron: place circular tables to the right and left of the runway with horizontal rows of chairs at the
         top of the runway.


Lessons Learned

Slip sliding away
        Ensure all surfaces between the dressing area and the runway are carpeted (runway needs to be
         carpeted as well) and ask the models to put their shoes on just as they approach the runway. 
         It protects the shoes, and the models.

Where for art thou, wine and food?
      •  Provide wine service during the auction/fashion show. Don’t make your guests have to find it. Ask the
         Shoe Guys or vintners to pour during the auction and assign them to certain tables.

Who’s the peeping tom?
        Have a private dressing area for the models with a door that closes or a person who can stand guard
         so no men can peek!  Yes, it was creepy.