Shoe Guys®




Home improvement pros get it all done for you!
(Your Shoe Guys may be candidates for this!)This example from our 2012 Napa event sold twice for $6500:

12 professionals complete your home improvement needs. Ranging from painting to window washing to cabinet making they will complete your Honey Do list.  
Architect, Charles Covell - 2 hours of consulting services.  
Knittel Construction - 1 day of space planning design and one improvement service.  
Myles Davis Electric - 8 hours of design and installation or repair work.  
RMS Designs - Design drawings of cabinetry for whatever room you choose.  
Ken Bankson Painting - 8 hours of “Man”ual labor to paint an interior room.  
Ebersole Construction - Will fix a little this and a little of that.  
Best View Services - Clean your windows, blinds, gutters, and air ducts. 
The Christopher Hill Gallery - Home consultation and $750 gift card for a fine art piece.  
Van Winden Landscaping - 1 hour consultation and $70.00 worth of materials.  
Von Saal Design Build - 4 hours of services ranging from interior design, landscape design, and staging your home or office to personal/makeover and shopping.  
James West - IT services and 1 on-site visit to your home. 
While some of this work is being completed, perhaps a little pampering is in order!  The Carneros Inn Spa is rewarding you with a package that includes a $300 gift certificate for spa services. Amanda Phelps is your make-up artist!

Shoe Guys/Firefighter Dinner

Ask Shoe Guys to donate a lot together, like a dinner. This could be auctioned as a Silent or Live lot. Have them come up on stage and really ham it up and WORK THE AUDIENCE during bidding.

Give out fun props to the winning bidders. 

Make Me Your “Shoemmelier" or "Sole Mate"

If you have VIP tables for the fashion show, and the Shoe Guys are willing, you can auction them off to be personal sommeliers for the tables.